Book I

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Welcome to teaching yourself the language of mathematics. I am excited to share with you successful methods to teach yourself this universal language.  Let us begin with BOOK I

The books are printed one sided and the blank page is for notes, to practice problems and to write mathematics.

Practice all solved examples yourself. It is the best way to test if you can recall the key concepts used in each example. Mathematics is a contact sport.


  1. Brief History of Mathematics
  2. Lesson on place value and absolute value using the decimal system. Use another number system to highlight why the decimal system used today is effective and efficient.
  3. About the evolution of the number system, names of groups of numbers, zero and its place in the number system.
  4. Natural Numbers 
  5. Operations on Numbers +, – , x, ÷  
  6. Whole Numbers, Integers
  7. Rational numbers and Irrational numbers.
  8. Real numbers?
  9. Why we use Geometry and the Real line.
  10. Explain Division using Geometry. Present short division
  11. Division by zero. DIVISION BY ZERO is not possible. Why?
  12. Decimal representation of Rational numbers using short division; What is a Repeating Decimal? What is a Terminating Decimal?
  13. Story of Pythagoras to present how irrational numbers evolved.
  14. Exponents: What is an exponent. Why exponents are useful.
  15. Summary and Review of the Real Number system.

 CHAPTER 2 & 3

  1. What is a mathematical system? 
  2. Demonstrate the Elegance of Mathematics using a word problem: Find the sum of the first 10 natural numbers.
  3. Explain what are opposite numbers; the sign rules for multiplication using the number line to help students understand.
  4. What is Arithmetic? What is Algebra? Demonstrate the transition from Arithmetic to Algebra.
  5. Reciprocal of a number. Relate Division and Reciprocal
  6. Square of a Real Number and Square Root of a Real Number.
  7. Exponents. Rules for exponents with explanations
  8. Summarize Chapters 2 & 3.

Memorize the multiplication Tables.  A video is attached.