South Africa 2011

I feel the “Math Yes We Can” program highlights the simplicity of mathematics and emphasizes the critical importance of foundational skills while acknowledging the complicated challenges and circumstances of life, which many of our learners are coping with. This has been a fantastic program that promises to make a profound difference not only in learners’ maths results but also in other areas such as boosting their confidence in their existing abilities.

 Phillip Mcelu, Tutor, Cape Town, South Africa

Vancouver, Canada  2015

The Math Program is an amazing program. I see the positive progress in the students that I continue to work with during the school year. Without this program our students would not be able to complete any level of the Regular High School Principles of Mathematics required for post secondary programs. 

Melissa Van Vliet, Head Teacher, Outreach Alternative Program, Britannia Secondary School, Vancouver

Baroda, India 2017

Excellent teaching and learning process,   Nisha Mahedivata, Teacher, Mother’s  School, Baroda, India

“We were able to understand difficult concepts with ease and learning maths was fun.”  Vishesh Patel , Student, Baroda High School, Alkapuri, India