Book II

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The books are printed one sided and the blank page is for notes, to practice problems and to write mathematics.

Practice all solved examples yourself. It is the best way to test if you can recall the key concepts used in each example. Mathematics is a contact sport.


We mastered the key elements of the number system in BOOK I. We now study Fractions and Decimals!


Important Terminology

1)         Product                                                          2)         Factor

3)         Divisibility                                                    4)         Prime Number

5)         Factoring a number into primes      6)         Composite Number  

7)         Multiple of a Whole Number          

8)         Least Common Multiple (LCM)

9)         Equivalent Fractions            

10)       Fundamental Principle of Fractions

11)       Reduction of a fraction to lowest terms or simplest form

  • Fractions on the real line. Explain >, <, = relations for fractions.
  • Convert Improper Fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.
  • Relevant terminology & mathematical tools for performing operations on fractions.
  • Completely factor a given number.
  • What is divisibility?
  • LCM using common division method.
  • Equivalent Fractions. Build up a fraction. Reduce a fraction to lowest terms.
  • Add and Subtract fractions
  • Multiply Fractions. Show that division by a fraction is the same as multiplication by its reciprocal.
  • Explain Decimals. Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide decimals.
  • How can we tell if a given fraction is a terminating or repeating decimal?
  • Rounding Decimals.

Is 9543216 divisible by 3?

SOLVED EXAMPLES are presented to explain key concepts.

PRACTICE  & complete the exercises for every concept.

ANSWERS are provided to all the questions in the exercises.